Times are hard on everyone. The stories circulating on the social networks have been filled with pain and hate. We have violence between political parties and many more events happening you won’t hear about in mainstream news.

What saddens me the most is how the outpouring of concern and support gets turned into more hatred. There’s no denying many of these acts are despicable and it’s easy to feel rage in response. We want justice, we want to see the wrongs made right. But therein lies the trap.

The themes lurking in our headlines reflect a lot of what Wendi and I are writing about in our Tau’s Pride series. The world is growing more dangerous for the Pack and the world at large. Innocents are threatened and they don’t realize it. The Awakened, the people who know there’s more to their world than meets the eye, are aware something is going on but don’t know the full extent of it. Good and evil battle for their attention.

Evil has a way of looking like it helps. It speaks to your fears, it changes things fast. It sweeps in and pretends to right the grievous wrongs—but does it truly help?

No. In the end it only makes things worse. It perpetuates a nasty cycle.

The over-arching theme of both the Saga and the new series is “The One”. This is the concept that we are all connected, what hurts or heals one, does the same for all of us. The Pack learns how Love is the only answer to anything.

Now, I’m not talking about the “rainbows and unicorns” kind of love. You don’t simply sit around meditating, praying, hoping love will make a difference. This kind of Love is smart. It takes a specific action and it certainly isn’t silent. Yes, you can be angry, but you don’t fuel the hatred. You speak out and make a difference in ways that don’t cause more tragic results. Causing more riots to change someone’s political views doesn’t do anyone any good. Responding with bitter words and mob mentality toward unjust rulings perpetuates a nasty cycle, making people with good intentions no better than the individuals who committed the crime to begin with.

Healing begins when you find a positive way to express your concern. Donate blood, volunteer to help victims in a shelter, raise awareness…be the change you want to see in the world. While we can’t change the mindset of those who see no wrong in what they did, we can change ourselves. This is the true essence of the law of attraction. The more you follow your own Truth, the more you’ll attract like-minded people. That’s the real strength of change.

The world will get better. I have to keep believing that. My Truth is Love and as Collette said, “Love is my freedom.” This week I challenge all our Packmates to seriously consider their own personal Truth and do what they can to make the world a better place.

Take a moment of silence in honor of all the victims out there. Listen for that voice, the small one that speaks from your Heart. Ask, “How can I help today?” The action you end up taking may seem small to you, but the ripples reach far and wide. That help may be a single line in your story, it may be a kind word to a stranger. You may never see the impact you have, but that energy you send out into the world will have far-reaching results.

Go forward with love and grace in your hearts, Packmates. May the spirit of Tau be with you. We are all One.






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