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Welcome New Members & Guests: READ FIRST
« on: August 30, 2020, 08:09:30 AM »
Welcome to The Rebel Muse! This place is for all types of artists, no matter what level of experience or what medium you work in. While there aren't any rules in art, we do have a few rules for the forum. Our goal is to create a supportive, nurturing environment, encouraging exploration and experimentation without judgement. Learn to play and let your own unique style evolve. Ask others how they create, share your own experiences and help someone learn from you.

Collectively, our Rebel Admins probably have a hundred years of experience between them! Pretty impressive when you add it all up. Take advantage of that. We can help with everything from the spark of inspiration to making a business of your final products. While we don't claim to know EVERYTHING, we can certainly send you down the right rabbit holes to find the answers and you can start with our Knowledge Base for general FAQs, Favorite Shops, Tutorials and more (always adding as we go).
  • Copyrights, Permissions & Inspiration: Every member owns the copyrights to their creations, unless it’s a licensed image from pop culture, film, books, etc. Use the works of others for inspiration to put your own unique spin on any given piece. Remember, there’s nothing new under the sun, but each day is a new day. At The Rebel Muse, there is no such thing as “cultural appropriation”, only Cultural Appreciation! Be respectful, learn from one another, and if you have a question about symbolism, colors, spiritual relevance, etc., ask.
  • Critique to Build, Not Tear Down: Art has a million paths to achieve the same results. Be kind and respectful to someone sharing a procedure different from the way you learned. Share your method, someone else might like trying it. All of us started somewhere. Our first makes were wonky, alien, squishy, or downright ugly! But…those first works held the seed for our own styles. Learn how to play again. Enjoy the process and celebrate the creativity in others.
  • No Hate Speech or Bullying: Make sure everyone feels safe, welcome, and comfortable to express themselves. Bullying of any kind isn't allowed, and degrading comments will not be tolerated. Do not invoke the wrath of the Kali Muse! The first offense will receive a warning, the second earns a suspension from the boards, and third strike, you’re out.
  • Art is Extremely Subjective: Just because I may follow Rembrandt, and you follow Picasso, that does not make my art better than your art. Be positive, uplifting, and respectful when commenting on a group member's post. Like your mama taught you: If you have nothing good to say, then don't say anything at all.
  • The First Rule of Selling is NO Selling!: The last thing we want is for every post to be, “Buy my thing!" As of the time of this writing (8/29/20) we do have plans for a Buyers & Sellers, Professional Services, and Vendors/Suppliers section. Once we have the rules for that, we’ll open those boards and they will be the ONLY places where vetted members can offer wares and services for sale, links to their websites/shops, or list their favorite vendors and suppliers. While there is no outright selling on the creative boards themselves, you may still inquire of other members to make pieces for you, if a particular piece is for sale, or to provide a particular service. Do this through either the Private Messaging system or an email to the artist if they have an email available. Any business transactions between members are the sole responsibility of the parties involved. The Rebel Muse does not endorse any one artist, vendor or supplier and will not be held responsible for the outcome of these transactions.
  • We’ll Say It Again: Be Kind and Courteous!: We're all in this together to create a welcoming environment. Let's treat everyone with respect. Healthy debates are natural, but kindness is required. This is also a Politics Free Zone. We get enough of that in the outside world, we don't need it here.
  • No Soliciting !!!: You may not contact any member by private message for the purpose of soliciting for any reason—and with our collective experience, we’re wise to the subtle ways it can be done. Anyone caught doing so will be deleted and blocked. Should you have a special event coming up, ask the Admins if it’s okay to announce it in the News & Announcements section. We know how important word of mouth (WoM) is and we’re willing to work with you to get that word out.
  • No Arguing!!: If you disagree with a member please settle it in a private message. Otherwise your comments will be deleted.
  • No Poaching!: Do not constantly refer our members to go to your page or website. If you do, your post will be removed and you may also be removed. The only time a link to your website is acceptable is if you have a relevant article on your blog, and even then, use sparingly, or ask if you’re unsure. If you’ve written a post you’re proud of, post it in the Brags section. If you’ve created a video tutorial and would like it included in the Tutorial section, contact an admin for approval.
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