Not too long ago, history was made. The LGBT community finally earned the right to what everyone else has—the right to marry exactly who they love.

This touched my heart on more than one level, not only for my many friends and people I consider family, but it also echoed some of the underlying themes in our upcoming series, Tau’s Pride, and gave Wendi and I confirmation that we were right on target with the story.

On the surface, we have a mixed Pride. This is a family composed of multiple species, humans, vampires and angels. It’s strong bonds between men and women. When it comes down to gender, it makes no difference to our supernaturals, that’s the least of their concerns. There is comfort, there is passion, there is family and intense love and devotion. Love is love no matter how you slice it.

In the animal kingdom outside of humans there are no boundaries or labels. Instinct is instinct. The nation of four-legs crave some form of companionship and bonding.

Humans are hardwired for it, too. Like the shifters in Tau’s Pride, humans wilt away when isolated, no matter how much they protest they’re introverts or anti-social.

One of the bigger themes in the books is universal love. As I read through my Facebook feed, I felt that love, that connection. Is this a step toward becoming Awakened? I hope so. Love has nothing to do with religion or politics. These are man made conventions and restrictions, other people’s beliefs we’ve handed down from generation to generation to the point where we don’t understand why we’re following them at all anymore. Only on an individual basis can we each decide what’s right for us. Do we love one person? Do we love someone of the same sex? Do we love more than one person? Love is unlimited and the only thing you increase the more you give it away.

You can’t hoard love. You could try, but then it’s not love anymore, is it? It’s possession and control. It’s the antithesis of love.

A lot of people are already worrying about what’s next. In these books we explore the ramifications of polyamory, and it’s not as easy as one might think, not even for characters who are supposed to have it built into their genetic makeup. Maintaining a multiple relationship takes a lot of trust. It requires vulnerability and honesty. It’s learning love isn’t a competition, love isn’t controlling. True love comes without conditions.

In Tau’s Pride, Regina and the rest of the Pride continue working toward becoming The ONE. The world around them hears that call too. In real life, we had a small taste of that, if only for a little while.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that all the time?

Call me an incurable romantic, but I’d like to think so.


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