From the time I was little, I loved animals. Didn’t matter what kind, though wolves have always had a special place in my heart. I was the kind of kid who watched every episode of Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, and made friends with the dogs and cats before the children at my parents’ friends’ houses. Put me in a petting zoo and good luck trying to tear me away from the baby goats, llamas and sheep.

I didn’t just love animals, I wanted to talk to them, to be one of them. Of course, it was only natural that my writing eventually led to the shifter genre. All of that animal info accumulated over the years had to go into something, right?

Our shifters evolved into beings who have a soul connection to the species they shift into. Their human and animal species traits blend together, making rather unique, and often quirky, characters. Beneath the fiction and fantasy is a tiny grain or two of truth.

The same goes for the humans in our world.

The Awakened

If you’ve read our Saga, you may remember we touched on two groups of humans, the Innocent and the Awakened. The Innocents are like most people, they’re blissfully unaware of the supernatural world around them. They walk through life spiritually asleep. Ghosts, vampires, angels and shifters are all too “woo-woo” for them. They don’t see the world around them. They aren’t aware.

The Awakened are those who have had their eyes opened. They could be humans who have had a near-death experience, or witnessed a shifter in action, or had an encounter with a vampire or angel or some other supernatural phenomenon they can’t explain away.

They’re also more in touch with the world around them. They have a deep sense of connection to the life-force around us all.

Lately, as we’ve been working on the next series, Tau’s Pride, I’ve been thinking about the types of Awakened out there. In the first book we meet a high profile Awakened: Gabriella Ellison. She’s on par with Deepak Chopra, Marianna Williamson, and Gabrielle Bernstein. The kind of spirit who sees the Big Picture in all its technicolor glory.

This in turn led me down the path of animal communicators (because it’s all about the animals for me). I’m a big fan of Jackson Galaxy and My Cat From Hell. I have a fascination with Casey Anderson and his relationship with the bears, and Kevin Richardson, the Lion Whisperer.

IMG_0336These people are Awakened, too. They do more than study animal behavior, they develop relationships with the animals. They talk to them. They do the same thing I do on a much smaller scale with my own fur-babies, Cougar and Kota.

I’ve always maintained that anyone can speak to animals, you just need to learn the language and understand that it’s not the same as ours. Most of it has nothing to do with words at all, it’s a combination of body language, vocalizations and on a much more subtle level, empathy.

There’s a deeper side to it too, one that some may find a bit “woo-woo”, which is telepathy.

Oh yes, I believe in that too and don’t doubt it. I know for a fact Wendi and I have that level of communication between us. Distance means nothing. The vibrations carry.

Talking to the Animals

Today, during my wanderings around the interwebs I came across this video clip. Anna Breytenbach is an animal communicator, and from just this short clip, she seems to be the real deal. No cold readings or fishing going on here.

The end of this clip had me sniffling with warm fuzzies and I wanted to go out and find a panther to talk to (but settled for talking to the Cat Boys instead).

The clip in turn led me to Anna’s website where I discovered a webinar she did in 2012. In it, she talked about telepathy with animals, but the message was much deeper than that. The more I listened, the more I realized she was speaking the same message in the Saga and Tau’s Pride. The idea of all of us being interconnected, that the ONE does exist and we only have to open our minds to it.

Are You Innocent or Awakened?

So many times we run into characters we’d like to be. We long for their magical abilities, we want to escape into their world. In this case, the Innocent and the Awakened are very real, the ability to live as either is right inside of each and every one of us.

We can choose to remain Innocent sleepers, shuffling through life ignorant of all that’s out there. We can close our eyes to the miracles and mysteries that happen everyday right in front of us, hit the snooze button and go back to sleep.


We can choose to maintain our childhood sense of wonder with the world around us, continue talking to our “imaginary friends”, and yes, talking to the animals, and open our eyes, joining the ranks of the Awakened. It’s like The Life of Pi, which do you believe in? The tiger or the cook?

Personally, I’ll choose the tiger every time.

Photo Credit: Life of Pi





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