Love Wins Every Time

Not too long ago, history was made. The LGBT community finally earned the right to what everyone else has—the right to marry exactly who they love. This touched my heart on more than one level, not only for my many friends and people I consider family, but it also echoed some of the underlying … Read more about Love Wins Every Time

Off Writing fitting. Storms play a prominent part in the next installment of the Pack/Pride's adventures. Emotional storms, natural storms, figurative storms...storms everywhere. Good thing I like me a rollicking, powerful storm. And that's what it's like when the story hits. You feel it … Read more about Off Writing

Are You a SuperPackmate?

Every book has their fandom. There are people who enjoy the stories and characters and eagerly await the next installation on the edge of their seats, to know what happens next. Then there are the Superfans, the ones who breathe, eat and sleep (or in some cases, don't sleep … Read more about Are You a SuperPackmate?

Give Your Author Wings

Did you know that each time you write a review for a book, an author gets wings? It's true. Every time Wendi and I get a new review from one of our Packmates, it gives us wings. Just like the Red Bull commercial. We fly, we jump on the bed, we celebrate and our inspiration tank gauge slides over to … Read more about Give Your Author Wings

Going Dark

Have you ever looked at your story and asked yourself, "Where the hell did that come from?" I have. Often. Tau's Pride is turning out to be quite the wild ride. Now, I love dark stories. I love the edge, the thrill of reading them, and I equally enjoy creating antagonists that have that same … Read more about Going Dark

The Language of Love

Ever wonder where our characters get their customs and quirky traits? Why does Jake always sniff his food? Why do the Tau lion shifters slow blink at one another or caress the back of their hand against a loved-one's cheek? The shifters in our Saga are more than human. They're part animal in body … Read more about The Language of Love