The Language of Love

Ever wonder where our characters get their customs and quirky traits? Why does Jake always sniff his food? Why do the Tau lion shifters slow blink at one another or caress the back of their hand against a loved-one's cheek? The shifters in our Saga are more than human. They're part animal in body … Read more about The Language of Love

Emotional Engineering

Live theater makes me cry. Doesn't matter what the show is, the second the lights dim, the overture starts and the curtain goes up, I get choked. That all too familiar burn behind the eyes starts and I'm overwhelmed by the sheer power of LIFE infusing every one of us in the audience. Can't really … Read more about Emotional Engineering

Let There Be Story!

Do you remember the writers' strike in 2007? I do. 'Twas a very dark time for entertainment. The writers abandoned us and we were left with nothing but "reality" TV.  Everywhere you looked, it was one elimination show after another, more and more people behaving badly. Unfortunately, this … Read more about Let There Be Story!