Every book has their fandom. There are people who enjoy the stories and characters and eagerly await the next installation on the edge of their seats, wanting…no…needing to know what happens next.

Then there are the Superfans, the ones who breathe, eat and sleep (or in some cases, don’t sleep at all) everything related to that particular story.

The Bonds of Blood & Spirit Saga is no exception. We have our fans, Packmates, who sing our praises, and we have SuperPackmates who would go to the ends of the earth to get their Cole/Harry/Regina/Diego fix.

Are you a SuperPackmate? Check out this list for the top twelve signs you may be a Saga SuperPackmate.

You May Be a SuperPackmate If…

  1. You start reading the Saga and next thing you know, a week or two has passed without you realizing it.
  2. During that week, you finished all four books
  3. At end of said week, you’re left with a gaping hole in your heart, wondering how on earth you’ll survive until the next series comes out.
  4. Your children and pets are starving, your husband is mourning your absence, fearing you have been lost at sea, never to return, and the face staring at you, beneath the word “Missing” on the back of the milk carton,  is yours.
  5. You proudly haul the complete 50lb Saga to the nearest author event featuring either author to have your books signed.
  6. You never miss an opportunity to tell others this is the greatest series you’ve ever read
  7. The complete Saga has a special place on your bookshelf reserved only for “keepers”
  8. You look past the eye-candy and read the books over and over, and discover the deeper meaning
  9. You walk into your local bookstores and libraries and demand they put The Saga on the shelf (and they do it).
  10. You start watching the world around you and suddenly it’s reasonable that anyone could be a supernatural in disguise
  11. You believe in the power of Tau as much as the Star Wars Padawans believe in The Force.
  12. You mourn the death of a beloved Saga character as if they were someone you’ve known all your life.

BONUS: Not only do you want to know more about the characters in The Saga, you want to know more about the authors too. And lucky you, check out the interview we did with Super Packmate, Carrie Ann Lahain.

Read the interview here:

Also watch the video at the top of our sidebar.

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